Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Chai. I remember the days when we used to post all day every day. Life has been interfering, other pursuits, the 9-5 struggle. I'd apologize for the lack of posts but we all know it's a gamble at this point. We love you all deeply and appreciate your seemingly endless patience with this erratic posting schedule.

Nothing has been happening with Poofy, which is why I can't seem to come up with anything to say. I'm growing her out again because I got bored with short hair, so it's just been a TWA, nothing fancy. Still the same old scalp issues, the most dramatic thing that happened was that my hair supply store ran out of the shampoo I've been using for ten years. So I'm managing Head and Shoulders for now until their stock fixes its life and choices, and going to try yarn braids again in the fall. That's about it #exciting.

Yarn braids like the little sis

Fizz has been uber busy in Ireland, otherwise she'd be filling in for my irresponsible absences haha. If you'd like to know what else I've been up to, check out my new website HERE or stalk me lovingly on Facebook or Twitter. In the meantime, I'll step up more with posts and keep wondering why I'm still getting notifications of people commenting on the sisterlocks post...#confused 

Friday, June 21, 2013

New Cut, New Color

I just got back from a week in Mexico where I tried my best to get as brown as I could. Somewhere during my last day, I decided that I was tired of my haircut and wanted to lower the top. I could have waited to get back to Brooklyn the next day and have my barber do it, but no, that wouldn't do. Fizz was totally against me randomly chopping off my own hair, but I dipped next door and borrowed a pair of scissors from the girl next door, then spent the next hour or two snipping away.

I forget how long my head is. It's like an egg, it's got this rising dome on top.

Anyway, I wasn't too keen on the cut but I figured it would grow out. When I got back to Brooklyn, it occurred to me that now was really the best time to dye my hair. I couldn't go too out there because I didn't want to shock everyone at my job by showing up with platinum hair. Sigh. If only.

A box of hair dye later and some messiness in my bathroom, and I had a new hair color. Which I love!! My skin is just browned enough and when I pair it with a bright lipstick, it's just fabulousness all around.

The curls at the back are longer because my head is actually flat and I don't like that, so I create an illusion with longer hair at the back. Don't judge me. 

What's your summer hair color?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Bringing Poofy Back

So...I've been a bit MIA since I cut off Poofy's locs. Mostly because I've been doing nothing but rocking a short flat-top look and trips to the barbershop were pretty blah and my hair routine was meh and I wasn't feeling very inspired by my hair. I loved a few of the cuts I got, but now the novelty of having to go get my hair cut every couple of weeks is getting old. Last time I spent 5 hours in the barbershop. A whole five hours! I know that black hair establishments are time suckers but damn! It's just a fade! Serves me right for rocking in on a Saturday morning.

Now I'm over the short hair. I get bored so easily, I can't dye it crazy colors because I would like to retain my job, and I don't like experimenting with different cuts. I don't want to loc it up again because the teenage stage of that was hell on wheels. I also don't regret cutting it after I combed out the locs because I really didn't have the energy then to deal with my long hair and how much care it took.

I'm planning on growing it out again because at least the varying lengths will stop me from being bored, I can now do yarn braids even though they won't last up to two weeks with my scalp issues, I'd rather style my own hair than slog it to a barbershop, and I miss Poofy. Ah, Poofy. We had some good times together when you weren't short.

Also, my hair is a reflection of my gender presentation, and it's erring too close to the masculine side of the spectrum right now. I like to be right in the middle, femme with army boots and blood red lipstick and drop crotch pants. The extra effort it takes to compensate for the short hair since I already dress rather 'masculine' (*rolls eyes*) is annoying, and I'd just prefer to be a tomboy with long hair and mascara. Or something.

Despite being natural for about 7 years now, I know the awkward teenage stage is still going to be...well...awkward. This is where I go through old LITK posts and wonder what on earth I did with my hair the first time I grew it out #research. Now, the funny part is going to be two years from now when my hair is grown out and I'm complaining about how stressful it is and how I want to cut it. Sigh.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Poofy in Puerto Rico

I don't know why Z never put this up, but I found it while browsing through our drafts posts and decided to share. I've been in the middle of exams for the past few weeks but I'll be back with posts and videos soon (if I make it out alive).

In the meantime, feast your eyes on the gorgeous Zara and our dear late Poofy (RIP boo).