Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Strengthening Hair Through Relaxing?!!" #Lies

There I was, innocently browsing through my reading list, when I came across an article on Bella Naija titled "African Girl With Long Hair". Hmm, said I. Perhaps this will be an interesting look at how being natural can help you grow your hair. Right? Obviously. What else could it be?

I was wrong. I was so wrong. 

Let's look at some gems from the article:

So the task at hand is to show those women who prefer the Asian/Caucasian hairstyle, how to achieve it with their own natural hair.
Given that in 21/2 years the hair can grow beyond the shoulder, what we have to look at is
(a) How to strengthen the hair to make it look and feel like the Asian/ Caucasian
(b) How to groom the hair to ensure that it is strong and healthy until the desired length is achieved
You know...at least we're admitting that the goal is to have Asian/Caucasian looking hair. But then, there was this:
In strengthening the hair, the process of hair relaxing is used. Relaxing loosens the hair’s natural curl pattern located inside the hair cortex, and once this curl pattern has been loosened, the hair becomes straight and the new structure cannot be reversed because the structure of the hair molecule has been reshaped. Reshaping the original molecular structure of any element weakens it, but if properly treated, that element can be made stronger in its new shape
"Strengthening" and "relaxing" should not be used in the same sentence without some kind of negative modifier in there. Relaxing does not strengthen your hair!! I mean, the author even knows this, but couches the truth in lies. Your relaxed hair will never be stronger than your untreated hair!
Given that relaxing runs the risk of making the hair to be brittle and weak, hence tending to breakage, this problem can easily be avoided if the application is performed by an experienced and certified hair stylist.
o_O. A hair stylist wrote this article. 

Actually, it was sponsored by some hair care company that sells relaxers. Hah. I laugh kpehe kpehe. The commenters are throwing shade reliably, and someone suggested that she means "straighten", not "strengthen". Proof-reading is a skill, my people. 

Happy Tuesday. Smh. 


Omozo said...

Why is there so much mis-information about relaxers? Why the BS?

kalakuta27 said...

i saw this too and was like O_O ---> -___- from the comments, it seems as though the writer/bella naija were sufficiently called out, which i'm thankful for. also, the part about wanting hair to "look and feel like the Asian/Caucasian"?? i love my ladies of different races and ethnicities, but i am very happy with my kinky texture as is, thank you very much.

Keala Jacobs said...

All I can say is WOW! Never relaxing again in my life.

Parrot said...

I must admit that my hair was stronger when it was relaxed.I was fortunate to never have issues with relaxing (burned scalp,hair loss,meting hair,breakage etc) But I have a strange hair type that would get curlier when relaxed,it never went straight.Ever. lol But now that my hair is natural..it can't take the same beating relaxed hair can. Our natural hair is so fine and delicate.